Hello, I am Benjamin Lee.  My background as a photographer has its beginnings in the wedding industry.  The monotony of this industry quickly became exhaustive and my passion for shooting faded.  My interests then shifted into sports photography. After doing this for years, I had refined my technical and tactical skill set as a photographer.  I continue to enjoy the challenges of sports photography and to shoot events when I have the chance.

Throughout my extensive time in school, free time was limited.  Thus, street photography became my muse.  As you will see in many of my images, I retain a fondness for candid photography.   Although, it is invigorating to create a portrait with someone new in only a few minutes.  Splicing into the fashion world has provided a guide for the pictures I take.  I admire those who have honed their talents and utilized their know-how to create beautiful portraits, which at the same time gives a sense of intimacy. Those whose work I admire can be found in the blogroll.

I am thankful to those who have volunteered their time to work with me and I appreciate the time you have taken to view my pictures.  I encourage you to share your thoughts with me.

Thank you,

Benjamin Lee


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